Start investing in stocks with data analysis

Start at SIGNATE from January 29, 2021 (Friday)

Jan 2021 to June 2021

The J-Quants competition application has been closed, so

Data distribution on the competition site

And new registration to API has also stopped.




What is J-Quants?

What is J-Quants?

J-Quants is a limited-time demonstration experiment project by Japan Exchange Group, Inc. that provides data and environment related to investment and verifies the possibility of data utilization by individual investors!

For the purpose of enabling individual investors to utilize data for trading
We provide learning content such as various tutorials.


Competition to be able to analyze stocks

J-Quants will hold a competition at SIGNATE, Japan's largest competition site, as a place to learn about transactions that utilize IT and data analysis.
This competition is designed so that even those unfamiliar with the financial field can analyze time-series data such as stock prices and changes in corporate performance to analyze market trends and risks.
We hope that the next generation of quant human resources will emerge from Japanese data scientists through the competition.


​Assumed participants

I think there are many students who are interested in stock investment.
By knowing the flow of money in the world and the structure of companies, you can naturally acquire knowledge about various companies and study the economy.

I would like to invite those who are familiar with the financial field to participate. Through the competition, you can learn how to proceed with data analysis and model development.

You may feel a hurdle when you hear about programming and stock analysis.
We are preparing a tutorial if we can provide an opportunity to analyze stock data.


Your mathematical thinking ability and programming skill ability are excellent compatibility with stock investment.
I think that you can discover the fun of stock investment by having them try out the ideas.



We will hold two competitions to predict the actual market


Predict the future of stock prices with financial statements (for beginners)

Development period: January 29th (Friday) -March 28th (Sunday), 2021

Evaluation period: March 29th (Monday) to June 14th (Monday), 2021

Prize money / total product amount:

260,000 yen


Build a portfolio with news

Development period: March 19th (Friday) -May 9th (Sunday), 2021

Evaluation period: May 10th (Monday) to June 4th (Friday), 2021

Prize money / total product amount:

740,000 yen

Post various questions on the SIGNATE forum during the competition

We also have gifts for those who have lived up the forum.


Participating in the competition not only tackles the above challenges, but also
You can exchange ideas in the forums to help with new discoveries and learning.
If you have any questions in the financial field, please post in this forum!

If you share your code or analysis results or ask questions, financial and data scientist experts may give you ideas !?


data set

Stock / stock price data

2016/1 ~ 2020/12

It includes market categories and stock codes, and you can check daily stock price data for each stock.

Settlement / dividend data

2016/1 ~ 2020/12

It includes sales, operating cash flow and dividends, and you can check the details of financial results and dividends.

Timely disclosure data

2016/1 ~ 2020/12

You can obtain metadata and PDF files of timely disclosure materials.
* PDF file acquisition is for those after January 2020.

News data

2020/1 ~ 2020/12

You can get Nikkei electronic version headlines and metadata.

Dataset will be delivered through API
​​ (New registration to API has stopped)
(External link)


We will provide a learning site so that even beginners can easily participate

About financial knowledge and text mining

From data visualization to baseline submission





Data provider

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IT support vendor

Competition management


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